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Connecting the construction professionals of Ukraine

About the Academy

   The academy of construction is a public organization. Its activities are regulated by the provisions of the charter, which defines the system priority areas of activity.

    Formation of the laws of development of the industry as an integral system of knowledge, skills, methods of management and rational use is the embodiment of the ideas of the Academy of Construction of Ukraine.

    Across Ukraine, the Academy has more than 2000 active members, as well as correspondent members in 15 territorial divisions and 32 branch offices. However, the Academy is not limited to the national scale, as measures for international partnership and cooperation are scheduled for 2019.

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The future is not where we are going - it's what we are creating. The way shall not be found, but built instead . The building process itself changes both the creator and one's fate. 

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Актуальні питання проектування, експертизи проектно-кошторисної документації та будівництва в Україні.
Майстер-клас “Будівництво власного будинку 2019”
Sichovykh Striltsiv St, 77

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